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Ohio Flooding

5 Mar 2011, 11:28 am

This is image was taken of St. Marys, Ohio on March 2.  (Note: that was 3 days ago!!)  The last thing this area needs is more rain.  Recent storms that have moved through this area and the entire Ohio River Valley are  making a bad situation worse.   Radar rainfall estimates in portions of Western Ohio are over 5″.  These are the storm total rainfall estimates:

Even though most of the heavy rain has finally moved out of the area, flood warnings will remain in effect for these areas as many of the rivers and streams are at or above their flood levels.  St. Marys (as pictured above) is located just the north of the heaviest band of rain.

These are the top 5 highest rainfall totals from storms that have moved through St. Marys:

1 6.00 7/13/1992

2 4.36 6/2/1944

3 4.10 6/27/1946

4 4.06 8/15/1947

5 3.86 9/20/1957

Exact measurements from this storm are not yet reported but it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this will be a storm for the record books.


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