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Old Man Winter Sneezed; Severe Threat on Deck?

Record Cold

Our recent cold blast this week garnered several low temperature records this week. There were also a number of season ending frost/freeze conditions that created scenes like the one below out of Atlanta Georgia, where it almost looks Old Man Winter sneezed!

Snow on the Citrus

Here’s another interesting picture from Wilmington, NC. Look closely, that’s snow on the citrus tree! Snow at this time of the year is pretty rare. In fact, Wednesday’s snow in Wilmington was the earliest snow on record for the area.

Temperature Extremes

While record cold temperatures were being set in the eastern part of the country, we also had record setting high temperatures in the western part of the country. From Wednesday’s high temps to Thursday morning’s low temps, there was a 88°F spread from San Gabriel, CA to Mount Washington, NH.

Warmth Bubbles Up

A fairly significant surge of warm air will be on the move over the next few days out ahead of a developing storm system in the western part of the country this weekend. Here’s the wind and temperature map a few thousand feet off the ground Saturday night. A very mild south to southwest wind looks to develop on the southeast side of this area of low pressure over the Midwest.

Rain & Thunder Potential

With the warmth comes moisture. According to NOAA’s 5 day precipitation forecast, moisture from the Gulf of Mexico looks to lift north along the leading edge of cold air as it moves east into early next week. Heavier rain and thunder potential will be a growing concerns as we head into the end of the weekend/early next week.

Sunday Severe Threat?

It also appears that some of the storms PM Sunday could be a little on the strong side. In fact, the Storm Prediction Center has highlighted an area of increased strong to severe potential from the Ohio Valley to the Lower Mississippi Valley. Stay tuned for further updates.

Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend ahead.

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