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A One-Two Punch to the Nation’s Midsection

19 Jan 2016, 9:42 am

Snowfall Forecast
While most are talking about the possible Nor’easter this weekend for the Mid Atlantic and the Northeast, these storms will actually bring heavy snow and some ice to parts of the Midwest and Southeast as they move the country.

Winter Weather Alerts
The first of what could be several waves move across the country today. A little rain, sleet and snow fell in Denver, Colorado early Tuesday morning. But as this storm heads east, it will bring the snow with it. From Kansas City, Missouri to Knoxville, Tennessee. In general, we’re looking at 1″-3″, but some areas could pick up a quick 3″-5″.

Snowfall Forecast through Saturday
Here’s the thing, this is just the first of what could be three storms. The next one will track through Thursday and Saturday. There’s still some uncertainty, however, as it stands now, there could be an additional 3″-5″ in most locations.

Obviously we will continue our conversation about the potential for big snow in the northeast.

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