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One of the World’s Largest Solar Farms is Floating

3 May 2016, 1:41 pm

13100922_843597192413531_6314027359095158946_nLargest Solar Power Farm Floating in the United Kingdom. You read that right. It is floating. What was once a figure of someone’s imagination is now a reality for London and possibly many other countries later this year.

In March of 2016 the United Kingdom made a bold move in leading the way for innovative techniques to naturally grab more natural energy from the sun. Solar power panels that can float.

On a very large man-made lake in London, there are approximately 23,000 solar panels floating on Queen Elizabeth II Resevoir and, as of right now, it is the largest in the world. They’re reports that more are currently under construction.

So why put solar panels on water?

The straight-forward answer to this is well, why not. There is all that empty space not being used and an affordable and easy way to make more energy accessible to the public so why not reap the natural benefits. While the front end costs can be expensive the long-term benefits can save customers and residents thousand if not millions on energy costs. This floating solar farm, estimated at 6 million dollars, also poses no threat to the current ecosystem even though the man-made lake was not intended for wildlife use. Also, reservoirs aren’t the only use for floating solar panels. These floating solar power plants can be installed in ponds, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and even the ocean. They also have several advantages over land-mounted solar panels. One of the many benefits and most notable being that it generates increased efficiency and evaporation control. This is primarily because solar panels work more efficiently at low temperature. Floating solar panels have increased efficiency, due to the cooling effect of water.

What about the United States?

According to, Sonoma Clean Power in California has contracted to begin the project for the largest floating solar power farm in the U.S. later this year. This means that a majority of California’s wine country is leaning towards floating solar power as the gateway to the future. It also seems like many other states in the US will be jumping on board as well.

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