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Our Tranquil Spring Ends: Reflecting On Friday-Today’s Severe

28 Apr 2014, 11:05 am

We all knew it would happen sooner or later: severe weather tragedy.  We’d been seeing impressively long streaks without a tornado-related death and without an EF-3 or larger rated tornado.

Both streaks came to a close this past weekend, and both on Friday.

The EF-3 tornado streak ended Friday, and marked a record (in recorded history – per University of Alabama – Huntsville) streak for no strong (EF-3 or higher) tornadoes.

It was interesting, based on tornado statistics, to see that this 1st strong tornado of the year took place in North Carolina – instead of “Tornado Alley.”

Then you get to the tragic portion of the ending streaks.  We had been going since Dec. 21, 2013 since the last tornado-related death (as per NBC News).  Now, a baby boy has been killed due to Friday’s storms in North Carolina – passing yesterday.  A horrible end, and that streak will have to wait to start again due to storms Sunday.

As of this writing, we are talking about 1 person killed in Oklahoma from a tornado in Quapaw, and 16 killed in Arkansas from tornadoes.

These were yesterday’s storm reports:



You can see just under 300 reports nationwide, with 32 of them tornado reports.

Today we’ve already seen some reports as of around 11am CDT, and we’ve certainly see many reports of flash flooding – that remains one of the bigger threats of this storm system.  Many places from Minnesota to the Gulf Coast have seen 1-2″ or more of rain out of this system.

Stay tuned, and stay safe today.

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV

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