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A Parade of Cold Fronts Through The East

24 Nov 2017, 9:33 pm

The big Thanksgiving parade in The Big Apple may be over, but the lineup of cold fronts certainly isn’t. Check your local listings to find out when the next cold front will be shown. Or, you can check below!

Northeast Cold Front Schedule

  1. Saturday, November 25th
  2. Sunday, November 26th
  3. Wednesday, November 29th
  4. Friday, December 1st

Don’t get too overly excited, snow-lovers. Most of these fronts will be (what’s referred to as) Polar Continental Cold Fronts. That means each will be on the cold and dry side. Some light snow accumulation is expected as each weather system cruises by. In terms of a big blockbuster snowstorm? At this time it doesn’t appear that likely through the end of November.

The first in a series of cold fronts will cross the Northeast states Saturday, November 25 with light rain shower activity and lake effect snow showers behind the front.

Another quick-moving cold front will mainly affect upstate New York and interior New England Sunday night, the second cold front in a series of four through this week.
The third cold front will near Tuesday, officially passing through the Northeast on Wednesday.
While many cold fronts will swing through the Great Lakes and Northeast, they’ll mainly be dry ones with light accumulation along each. Still, watch for slick roads at times.
Snowfall forecast showing up to a few inches of snow or more is possible through early Tuesday along the northern New England mountains.
The cold fronts will mainly bring light snow and temperature swings through this week.

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