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PHOTOS: Mid-October Winter Snow Storm!


Snowflakes started falling early on Saturday morning on the downwind side of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan into parts of Michigan. Snow continued to fall from Pennsylvania to Maine on Sunday with some portions of New York getting up to 9 inches! All this snow is associated with our coldest air mass of the season. Darragh, Michigan reported 5.7 inches of snow  on Saturday morning. Marquette, Michigan reported 2.5 inches of snow, which according to the National Weather Service in Marquette, has not recorded a daily snowfall of 2 inches or greater in the month of October since 2001.



Up to 9 inches was reported in Oswego County, New York, in the towns of Parish and Mexico, which helped many residents build their first snowman of the year.  While many enjoyed the snow, it also caused havoc on the roadways. Police in Syracuse, New York reported over 50 accidents throughout the town due to the weather. Multiple accidents in and around Erie, Pennsylvania are also being blamed on the slick roads caused by the weather. The heavy wet first snow also caused many power outages throughout the northeast. With the winter season closing in on us, this is a good time to prepare for the harsh winter conditions.



The cold air could be felt as far south as Tennessee and North Carolina Sunday morning with overnight lows below or at the freezing mark of 32° F. Freeze watches and warnings as well as frost advisories are in effect from Sunday night to Monday morning  from the Tennessee Valley to the Carolina’s and up to New England. For the latest updates be sure to follow WeatherNation on Twitter and Facebook.

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