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PHOTOS: Twitter Blows Up As Apocalyptic-Looking Clouds Lurk Over Manhattan

30 Sep 2014, 5:03 pm

independence day nyc
Photo credit: 20th Century Fox/Independence Day

During their Tuesday morning commute, some New Yorkers may have felt like they were in the in a scene from the movie “Independence Day” as they popped out of the subway around 7:00 a.m. Scary looking clouds were hanging over the city, early Tuesday morning, prompting many to whip out their iPhones and tweet the surreal-looking scene.

Don’t worry though, there were no alien invasions and the millions of residents that live in the city survived unscathed.

But what caused these clouds?

Well, a cold front was in the area, producing rain and cloud cover. Based on pictures, the top part of the cloud layer appears to be an wave-like stratus layer. If you’re super-nerdy, the Latin name is “stratus undulatus.” The low-hanging clouds are your garden-variety cumulus clouds that developed along the base of the stratus deck. Their proximity to the skyscrapers on Manhattan make them look like they’re touching the ground; giving them a nefarious appearance. But, they were totally harmless.

Below are a collection of images from social media that show the clouds from numerous vantage points. Enjoy!

Meteorologist Alan Raymond


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