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This Place Went from -3° to 79° in 4 Days…And Is Under a Winter Storm Watch

Sure, topsy-turvy weather isn’t exactly new to Oklahoma or other parts of the Midwest. But what’s happened in Oklahoma over the last few days is really weird, and it’s about to get even weirder.

This weekend, bitterly cold temperatures dropped the mercury in Oklahoma City to record levels, bottoming out at -3° on Saturday morning, and below-zero readings were common across Oklahoma and the Midwest as an Arctic air mass settled in and turned on heaters across the region.

But then, summer came back to play, anchored by a strong southerly flow out of the Gulf of Mexico thanks to a strong high off the eastern seaboard. By Wednesday afternoon, about 105 hours after it was -3°, you could’ve strolled the streets of central Oklahoma in shorts and a t-shirt, with the high topping out at an astonishing 79° – a daily record and a full 30° above average.

Oklahoma City is far from the only place experiencing huge changes in temperatures in the span of just a few days. Check out some of these massive temperature swings in a 72 to 96 hour span:

But things are about to go back to winter across Oklahoma and much of the Midwest and South – and in a hurry. Winter Storm Watches were posted for Oklahoma City (that’s right, at the same moment as the city was enjoying near 80-degree warmth) on Wednesday for the possibility of up to half to a full inch of ice starting late Friday and through late Saturday. Dangerous ice could make travel treacherous, if not impossible from southern Illinois to the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles, where the watches were posted on Wednesday. Power outages are also possible in many of these locations as well.

It’s enough weather to make your head spin, but that’s why we’re here.

Stay with WeatherNation for the latest on the rapidly fluctuating temperatures and this week’s possible ice storm.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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