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PNW In For a Blow, Another Ice Storm On the Way?

31 Dec 2008, 5:04 pm
HAMweather Advisory Center
HAMweather Advisory Center
The Ice Man Cometh?
The Ice Man Cometh?

Over the next few days the Pacific Northwest will be pounded yet again with heavy snow and rain as a strong pacific jet funnels moisture into the region. Heaviest snows will of course be in the mountainous regions of Washington, Northern Idaho, and Northwest Wyoming, with new accumulations reaching well above the two foot mark, and likely reaching more than three.

Also a concern with this system is flooding in the lower elevations and coastal regions of the PNW, as our Advisory Center shows, flood watches have already been posted calling for rainfall totals up to 3″ in the valleys, and up to 7″ along the coastal range.

Significant snows will not occur over the next few days for the rest of the country, however a dusting along the northern tier will occur as a weak low ambles through. The interesting story is over the weekend however.

In running our HAMweather Precipitation Type forecast product this afternoon, a possibility for another ice storm seems to be in the future. I have created a loop of the product here for you to view, that allows you control of the animation with such parameters as speed, single frame advancement, and so forth.

When viewing the product note the timestamp on the bottom of “Valid Time,” and the red swath that appears in the middle of the country late Saturday evening into Sunday morning where the animation ends. It seems the models have an idea the possibility of freezing rain / sleet / mixed precipitation is in store for the region before the weekend is out, so if you have travel plans, please stay abreast of weather conditions because if she does come together it could be an ugly situation =)

New Years Eve Midnight Forecasts for Select Cities:

  • London, England: Clear Skies, -2ºC, NE winds ~ 10kts – Full Forecast
  • New York, NY: Cloudy Skies, 29°F, Light SE Winds – Full Forecast
  • Chicago, IL: Cloudy Skies, 36°F, S Winds ~ 9mph – Full Forecast
  • Phoenix, AZ: Partly Cloudy, 55°F, Light NW Winds ~ 5mph – Full Forecast
  • Los Angeles, CA: Clear Skies, 55°F, Calm Winds – Full Forecast
  • Honolulu, HI: Partly Cloudy, 72°F, light NE winds – Full Forecast

Please be sure to view our Advisory and Radar Centers for the latest updates and developments.

As always stay tuned to your favorite weather outlet, stay informed, and stay safe!



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