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Polar Plunge in August?!

21 Aug 2015, 11:47 am


Yes; it’s August, and most of the country won’t be experiencing temperatures below freezing. However, some of us may actually get close as overnight temperatures plummet. High temperatures will drop significantly as well with a second push of cold air moving into the High Plains and Upper Midwest the next few days.

It may have a few people wondering if Fall has arrived early!


Here’s the set up:

A ridge is building over the west as a trough digs down into the High Plains and progresses east. As the ridge amplifies and lifts farther north out west the jet stream will tap into some of the cool air from Canada and advance it down the trough into the U.S. This feature will cause temperatures in the High Plains to drop at dramatic rates, so areas experience their high temperatures dropping over 25°.


Today it stays pretty mild across the High Plains with temperatures still warmer than average. But by Saturday it will be a whole different ball game as the cooler air makes its second comeback this week!


For WeatherNation: Meteorologist, Tracey Anthony

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