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Polar Vortex, Part Deux

25 Jan 2014, 2:52 pm

Its Winter, its cold, we get snow, that is how the season is.  But THIS Winter has been rather relentless; with bout after bout of cold air, & several waves of clippers moving across the country.  As we go through the weekend, and into the beginning of the work week, we’ll be keeping an eye on the next arctic blast to descend down across the country.  We had to deal with the Polar Vortex nearly three weeks ago (as of this writing), where temps around January 6th-9th, were some of the coldest we have seen in decades.  This next blast will last from Sunday night to about Wednesday, and involve the areas from the Midwest to the Northeast, to the Southern Plains, to the Southeast.

The jet stream will be dipping on down into the eastern 2/3rds of the country, dropping temps well below average (for both highs and lows) through much of the week ahead.

The pattern looks to change, though, as we go into the end of the month.  The jetstream will start to retreat back northward, allowing for some moderation in the temperatures, first in the south, then back into the Ohio River Valley.

As for our what we will actually see for temperatures during the beginning of the week, those numbers will be far down from where they should be this time of the year.

Come Monday, the cold sting from Old Man Winter will be felt from the Plains, to the East Coast.

Into Tuesday, its even worse, with now the Southeast (even into Florida and southern Texas) feeling very cold conditions.


As we look into the end of the work week, we’ll see many locations attempt to bounce back closer to normal levels.  The Southeast will still be several degrees below average, but as you look into the Central Plains, conditions will start to get closer to seasonable daytime highs.


For February, temps will start to trend above average for the Southeast and continue to do so in the Southwest.  Even parts of Alaska will be warmer than their seasonable daytime highs.  The area that will be trending colder than average will be in the upper Midwest, where states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan will deal with more chilly air.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Meteorologist Addison Green ~ Twitter: @agreenWNTV

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