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Potential Northeast Coastal Storm Nears

16 Feb 2013, 3:22 pm

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It is that time again to prep the snowplows across the northeast with plenty of sand and salt as coastal storm is set to bring some gusty winds, cold temps, rough surf and some significant snow fall.  It was only last weekend that we were talking about a massive, one for the history books, nor’easter that dumped several feet of snow across the northeast with the winner for snowfall being Hamden, CT where 40″ piled up.  This time around, the storm system will potentially bring snow across coastal areas of New England, and blizzard conditions up into Maine.

Last weekend, oh wow, blizzard warnings went from NYC up into Maine and covered all the states in between.  Winds howled up into the 80 mph range near Cape Cod and snowfall rates were so intense that road crews couldn’t keep up with the clean up and cars were trapped on roadways across Long Island.

For now, the concerns of a blizzard are laying in eastern Maine where a Blizzard Watch is in effect for cities such as Bar Harbor.  There is the potential on Sunday for 10″ of snow, gusty winds up to 55 mph and visibility reduced down to 1/4 mile or less.

This storm system is coming up out of the waters just east of the Delmarva Peninsula and is tracking up to the northeast and is going to strengthen just off the coast of Cape Cod.  Based on how close to land it gets energized, will determine how much the nearby landmasses are affected by rough surf, gusty winds and snowfall, and also, how much of that blowing snow goes further inland.

The RPM model is timestamped at 2PM, EDT, and Cape Cod and Boston are highlighted.  The storm is tracking a little further away from the land areas, and a little further to the south and east, so the snow potential is looking to be more around those areas and less up into Maine.

The GFS (American) model has the storm coming closer to land and getting stronger east of Cape Cod.   It is timestamped around 1pm EDT.  It looks to be bringing the gusty winds and blowing snow into Maine and parts of the Canadian Maritimes.  However, it will still impact eastern portions Massachusetts with windy conditions and a decent amount of snow.  Cities such as Boston, Portland, and Caribou are highlighted in the zone where the winds will be strong and the snow, blowing at times.

In the New England area, there are already watches and warnings (outside of the Blizzard Watch) that are posted.  There is a winter storm warning up for portions of Cape Cod and a winter weather advisory that extends from Long Island up into northern Maine.

The timing of the watches and warnings involves about all day on Sunday.  The winds will increase throughout the day and snow totals range from 2-8″ with the higher amounts over Cape Cod and along the coastal areas up into Maine.  A wind advisory is up for Sunday night for New Hampshire, Maine and into the Tristate area of CT, NJ and NY.


Our models here at WeatherNation are showing that Caribou could see nearly a foot of snow while Hyannis in Cape Cod, could pick up around 2″.  I think the storm will bring a little more than 2″ to the Cape area.

Here are the forecast conditions for the rest of the day today.  The southeast will be seeing some chilly temps come into the area by Sunday.  The southwest is looking lovely and warm, especially southern California.  Cold air and lake-effect snow is impacting the Great Lakes and the mid-Atlantic states will see a coating to an inch or so of wet snow.

For Sunday, you can see that temps in Atlanta and Miami are going to be running way cooler than they should be.  Miami is only getting into the 60s, “brrr” for those folks down there!  Milder air is pushing up into the Midwest, giving the Twin Cities a chance to hit 30°.  Breezy and snowy conditions are in store for New England due to that coastal storm and the south and southwest stay relatively mild and pleasant.

 Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the upcoming President’s Day on Monday (if you have it off).

Meteorologist Addison Green

(Twitter: @agreenWNTV)


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