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Potential Winter Storm for the Northeast This Week

1 Jan 2018, 6:28 pm

The Northeast is looking at the potential for a winter storm later this week.  This storm system could bring heavy snow and strong winds to parts of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts by Thursday morning.

Where is this Storm System Now?

This system hasn’t officially developed yet, but it will likely turn into an area of low pressure by Tuesday.  Once it develops, it will be impacting most of the east coast.


This possible storm could be impacting the Mid-Atlantic as early as Wednesday afternoon.  If the cold air times out right, there could be some snow chances for parts of the Carolinas.  Where the cold air is already in place…the Northeast…there could be some very heavy snow.  The heavy snow for the Northeast will be more for Thursday and Friday.

Snowfall Potential

The latest forecast model runs are showing the potential for over 6 inches of snow from Bangor down to Philadelphia.  It is still far out in the forecast and there could be adjustments to this system as we get a better hold on it.  One thing that is looking very likely…strong winds! Keep it tuned to WeatherNation for the very latest updates.



Meteorologist Patrick Crawford


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