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Potentially All-Time Record Southwest Heat, A NASCAR Forecast, And Record Ohio Valley Rainfall

27 Jun 2013, 10:57 am
Nashville Lightning
Nashville Lightning: Crawling Across The Sky


Isn’t that an amazing photo out of Nashville?  That is a true anvil-crawler… and of course as I’m writing this I’m somewhat hungry… and crawler reminds me of the fried breakfast treat known as a “cruller.” (seen below)


Example of a Cruller


I digress, though, and we’ll talk more about the heat and the storms from yesterday.  Are you headed to the big NASCAR race this Saturday in Sparta, Kentucky?  If you are, you’re probably hoping to avoid record rainfall.  Check out these rainfall tallies from yesterday… all reaching to record levels:


Record Rain Yesterday
Record Rain Yesterday: Covington is where Cincinnati's readings come from


Along with the rain we saw over 100 wind damage reports nationally – but only one tornado report.

Kentucky saw some interesting storms pass overhead, but if you’re headed to the big NASCAR event in Sparta, KY you’re probably wondering what the forecast for Saturday looks like:


NASCAR Forecast
NASCAR Forecast


Not bad temperatures, and you can thank the big cool-down the eastern half of the nation will be experiencing this weekend for the comfortable weather.

So who gets the heat?

It’s not fair, necessarily, but the Southwest is going to get the brunt of the heat.  While they typically get quite hot this time of year, some spots will be rivaling all-time record highs… and by “some spots,” I am referring to places like Las Vegas – desert cities!


Death Valley This Weekend
Death Valley This Weekend


Impressive, huh?  Yesterday we talked about it – but near 130 degrees you’re at medium-rare level if you were to measure the internal temperature of a steak.

The all-time records and recent near-record heat for Death Valley?


Death Valley Stats
Death Valley Stats


Then the all-time hottest temperature in the WORLD was recorded in Death Valley, as well, at 134 degrees.

Phoenix will be a little bit cooler – but still quite hot.  Check out their forecasted highs:


Phoenix Weekend Heat
Phoenix Weekend Heat


In Los Angeles and the surrounding areas they are so concerned about keeping cool that they are launching cooling centers.

Check out this map of where they are located, picture linked to from,0,3378764.story


My final thoughts on the subject?  STAY COOL.  Do whatever you can in order to stay safe and healthy with this much heat in the Southwest.

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV

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