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Prepare Now for Sandy

27 Oct 2012, 12:44 pm

Prepare Now for Sandy

Sandy poses a very serious and imminent threat to a large area including much of the Mid Atlantic and Northeast. The time to prepare is now.

Morning view of high waves and strong winds impacting the coasts of Cape Hatteras:

Turbulent seas off the coast of Florida:

Credit: Steve Nesius/Reuters

Wide Spread Impact

Cloud cover extending over a thousand miles, stretching from Florida up to New York, which translates to just under 1000 miles! Up to 50 million people could be impacted by Sandy.

Latest track showing a slight shift to the south.  Although, most of Long Island is no longer in the cone of uncertainty, this does NOT mean that Long Island and New York City are no longer at risk.  In fact, the worst case scenario for New York would be a landfall just to the south because the strongest sector of the storm is on the north side. That places Long Island and New York City right in the midst of the strongest winds and heaviest rain.

This map below probability of tropical storm force winds.

High winds off the coast of will allow for the development of an incredible storm surge.

Yellow shaded areas indicate which areas would be inundated with flood waters if a Category 1 storm would occur.  Storm surge from Sandy could be similar to that situation.

Mandatory evacuations underway for the all the barrier islands of New Jersey and Fire Island.  Voluntary evacuations have been have also been issued for many other areas.

Preparing for Power Outages

Saturated ground areas and high winds lead to downed trees and downed power lines.  Tree trimmers trying to cut down trees that could potentially effect power lines.

From “We will do our best, we will get lights back on as quickly and as safely as we can, but people will also need to be prepared because there may be multi-day outages,” said Le–Ha Anderson, a Dominion Virginia Power spokeswoman. “Looking at what this weather system is like, we are braced for a very, very serious storm…In Culpeper, light and power employees are on standby status beginning Sunday and crews will begin clearing any trees or limbs that hit electric lines as soon as they are reported.”

Snow Potential

As Sandy encounters a cold front from the west, precipitation will change over to snow.

Image below shows project snow totals for mountains of West Virginia.  Up to 18 to 20 inches possible! Notice snow even spilling into the the eastern edges of Kentucky.

Check back here for your latest Sandy Updates!

Gretchen Mishek

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