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Prepare for the Summer Heat

8 Jul 2017, 4:08 pm

The summer sizzle is on!  Although this weather might be perfect for hitting the pool or your favorite beach, it comes with some hidden threats.

Heat-related illnesses can impact anyone spending time outdoors.  Heat cramps are the first sign that Mother Nature’s temperatures are starting to take effect.  Heat cramps are usually a mild form of heat-related illness and consists of muscle cramps and intense sweating after physical activity, which should be avoided in the heating of the day.

Heat exhaustion is the next level of concern where the body looses to much water in the form of sweat.  You might get a headache and start to feel weak at this stage.  If you do have to be outdoors on a hot day, be sure to drink plenty of water in the days before you start your outdoor adventure.

Heat stroke is the highest level of heat related illness possible.  At this stage, the heat can be life-threatening and you might experience warm, dry skin, have a rapid heart rate, and may experience confusion.  At this point in time it is important to seek medical attention immediately and to move indoors.

Not only can the heat affect you, but it can also affect your pets.  It’s a good reminder to not take your furry friends on a walk during the heat of the day and to never leave them in a car.  They can’t regulate body temperature like humans.

For WeatherNation – Josh Cozart



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