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Preparing for Extreme Cold, Midwest Schools Closing

3 Jan 2014, 2:12 pm

Extreme Cold Invades Next Week

Chances are high that most of nation will be dealing with below freezing temperatures early next week.  A tweet from Ryan Maue shows the probability of temperatures below 32° on Monday.

Map shows HIGH temperatures for Monday.

 Another arctic air mass will drop down from Canada and temperatures will be the lowest they’ve been in possibly decades.   Of course, the wind will be a factor as well so it will feel even colder than this .  For many of these locations across the upper Midwest, record coldest high temperatures will be in jeopardy.

Below average temperatures will extend from the Canadian border to the Gulf coast with some locations over 40 degrees lower than average.

School closures have already been issued in for public schools for the entire state of Minnesota for Monday.

Officials in the Chicago area are also deciding on whether or not to make a similar decision. From the Daily Herald: “Closing schools for a day also is not an easy decision as it puts many parents in the difficult situation of trying to make last-minute day care arrangements, Hutton said. Hutton recalled a similar wintry morning four years ago when the temperature was 20 below zero. “I was trying to figure out a way to have school that day,” Hutton said, but he added that his wife reminded him that it was too cold for children to be outdoors and he canceled classes immediately. “Student safety and making sure the kids are OK is our main priority,” he said. At Naperville Unit School District 203, officials are planning to start running buses earlier to ensure they are warmed up and ready for students, and the maintenance staff will be monitoring building heating systems, spokeswoman Susan Rice said. “On days when it is extremely cold, students are welcomed into the building upon their arrival and have recess indoors,” she said. “It’s important that students prepare for the extreme cold weather by dressing appropriately with plenty of layers. Students who walk to school may require a ride to reduce their exposure time to the cold.

In Wisconsin, they are also still weighing the decisions as well. From the Green Bay Gazette:  “Green Bay area school administrators will keep an eye on thermometers this weekend to determine if it’s too cold for kids to head to class Monday. Monday’s high temperature is expected to be a frigid minus 12 degrees, and Tuesday’s forecast includes temperatures of minus 4 degrees, according do the National Weather Service. School administrators say there is no exact rule about when it’s too cold to head to school, although they follow National Weather Service guidelines, which look at windchill and frostbite conditions. Some local district leaders say they likely will determine Sunday whether classes would be delayed or canceled next week because of the bitter cold.

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  1. Any one know how an aluminum frame bicycle will hold up in below zero temps? I have snow tires so traction is not a problem. Thanks!

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