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Probabilities in Favor of Phil Seeing His Shadow

1 Feb 2013, 12:25 pm

The Moment of Truth

All eyes on Phil tomorrow morning as he tell us what to expect for the rest of the winter.  Chances are he will see his shadow. Since 1887, he has seen his shadow 100 times and not seen his shadow only 16 times.

Bitter Cold Returns to Northeast

Dramatic changes underway across New England as cold air is blasting into the region.  Several new records were set yesterday morning as highs climbed into the mid 50s as far north as northern Maine.  Presque Isle, ME topped out at 54° early in the day before temperatures plummeted when a cold front moved through the region. Today, highs are only in the low teens.

Some of the new records from yesterday are indicated by an R next to the high yesterday.

As the front came through, some impressive wind gusts were reported. Wind gusts of this magnitude are often associated with thunderstorms but not this time.

With those high winds driving down that cold air, temperatures fell quickly yesterday afternoon throughout the region.  And they continued to fall overnight.  That left Caribou, ME 41° colder this morning compared to yesterday morning.

Morning temperatures are in the teens and twenties and not expected to warm up much this afternoon.

With that cold air streaming over the relatively warmer waters of the Great Lakes, lake effect snow is in full force.  Warnings are in effect this morning from western Michigan to western New York as several inches of snow are expected.

 The Last Blast of Cold Air?

This morning cold air, once again, invaded the upper Midwest. Unlike the most recent deep freeze, this one won’t be sticking around for too long.  Milder air expected to return for the weekend along with a couple chance for snow.  A few clipper systems will be jetting across the region bringing in a few inches of snow.  Large amounts of snow not expected.

The bitter cold air and gusty winds extended as far south as St. Louis, MO where wind chills dipped below zero this morning.   Longer term weather patterns indicate that this may in fact be the end of the extreme cold for the Midwest.  Winter is by no means over but it will most likely be a little more tolerable through the month ahead.

Southwest: Warm and Sunny

Sunshine and warmth will prevail across the Southwest and the Northwest with a ridge of high pressure building in.  Timing is just right for the Phoenix Open, which will continue through Sunday.

Today’s Forecast

Southern tier of the country stays quiet.  No wild weather to get in the way of football fans descending upon New Orleans today or into the weekend.

Temperatures will be much closer to average throughout the weekend in the Midwest as highs return to the 20s and 30s. A fantastic day is expected in the Seattle with a high of 53 under sunny skies.

Happy Friday!

Gretchen Mishek

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