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Problems From Texas Flooding Shifted to Louisiana

26 Oct 2015, 2:52 pm

Many Texans were feeling deja-vu over the weekend as the rain kept falling over the state. In San Antonio it was a repeat of the flooding this Spring as massive flows filled drainages, raged across roads and overflowed into parks. The signs said it all, even half covered, in areas that were already inundated. On higher roads, driving was still dangerous as traffic plowed through ponding water around the city.


South of Dallas, Richland got more than it’s share of the water, with mile after mile of land along the highway covered by small creeks turned to rushing rivers across the countryside. The scene in Belton was one of more roads becoming temporary rivers with cones blocking roads to protect drivers who might just chance a crossing. In College Station, water over the road was blamed for several accidents including this one that had a big rig hydroplaning, flipping on its side and losing its load, while other trucks slid of the road and got mired in mud.


Over in Corsicana, the water that started flooding the town on Friday, had kept coming, covering cars and here, it was powerful enough to knock this train off the tracks! Luckily the crew was rescued bringing some good news to the situation. Later in the afternoon, there were scary moments in Pearland, Texas as a small tornado touched down. Damage was light and no injuries were reported here.

Down on the coast, the pictures were similar to those from Tropical Storm Bill’s hit in June. The wind whipped waves up in Surfside Beach on Saturday. And by Sunday morning in Galveston, the surf was up and surfers were out in it.


By later Sunday, Louisiana was becoming a focus for flooding as Patricia’s remnants continued sweeping Eastward. In New Iberia, streets were filling up early with a preview of what was coming later.By nightfall in Houma, conditions had gone from bad to worse, with water over a big part of town and in the darkness, despite constant warnings, people were driving into water covered roads, with a predictable outcome.

First responders and tow trucks stayed busy through the night all along the path of these flooding rains. Remember, it’s easy to prevent most of these events, when you see water covering the road, just Turn Around, Don’t Drown!

For WeatherNation: John Van Pelt.

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