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Pumpkins & Un-Wanted Snow: A Tale Of Unseasonably Cold Weather

21 Oct 2013, 11:34 am

Once upon a time there was a nation, and that nation entered the month of October…

That’s about all I’ll write in that form of writing – but rest assured, we’ll talk more about October and how cold things have been so far.


Pumpkins Thanks To Keith Cavey
Pumpkins Thanks To Keith Cavey


It’s a sign of the times when you start to get pumpkin carving pictures sent in… and that’s what is going on above.

What are you going to carve your pumpkin into?
I am running the Monster Dash half-marathon this upcoming Saturday… and later that day heading to a pumpkin carving party.  Any easy ideas you have for carving?  Tweet me at @ashafferWNTV with your idea!

The scary thing (more so than scary costumes and such, at least to me) is the snow around the nation.  Snowfall is coming SIGNIFICANTLY early to many locales.  I just watched snowflakes flying in the Twin Cities area earlier this morning – and I don’t like it!

While it’s not *that* uncommon for early snow in the far northern upper Midwest, it is unusual in some other spots that are seeing snow chances moving in.

Check out this image below:


Monday to Wednesday: Snow Chances
Monday to Wednesday: Snow Chances


All I had to say when I saw this map, “Yikes!”

That trace to 1″ total is what I’d say would be on grass or metal surfaces at its peak… with the computer model forecasting, really, closer to 2″+  – most would melt on contact, however.

The temperatures haven’t been behaving, either… It’s disturbing to me (as someone who still wants to do a little bit more non-cold-weather sporting) to see the maps I’m about to show you… so be warned!

This one is the forecast for temperatures days 6-10 in the forecast (so essentially a week to 1.5 weeks out):


6-10 Day Temperature Outlook
6-10 Day Temperature Outlook


I hadn’t ever see the deep shade of blue that is underneath that “Chilly” icon.  That indicates 80-90% chances for below average temperatures.

Below average temperatures tend to be considered “OK” if it’s, say, July – with average highs in the middle 80s.  You might actually *want* a day or two with temperatures 10-20 degrees below average.  When you’re temperature averages are this:


"Normal" Temperatures for Oct. 22
"Normal" Temperatures for Oct. 22


See those Midwest highs?  They average 50ish degrees – so you subtract 10-12 degrees from that, and you’re talking about highs in the upper 30s!

Unfortunately the below-average temperatures are here to stay, as well.

If you look further into the future, 1-2 weeks out, you can see even more colder air likely to hang around:


8-14 Day Temperature Outlook
8-14 Day Temperature Outlook


Those blue shades just *LOOK* cold!

Unfortunately there aren’t many breaks in the pattern upcoming… but rest assured, I’ll be doing my best to find any signs of warming and will update you when those show up!

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV

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