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Quiet Weekend Ahead, Not Much Drought Relief

28 Sep 2012, 6:22 am

More Sinkhole Than Waterfall. That’s a photo of Minnehaha “Falls” taken by WeatherNation TV meteorologist Addison Green on Thursday. Not even a trickle of water. Not good.

16 months in a row of warmer than average temperatures in the Twin Cities metro. Temperatures have been consistently warmer than average since June, 2011.

An Expansive Dry Rut. Last night’s infrared satellite snapshot showed scattered showers and T-storms from Texas to Pennsylvania, unusually dry weather from the Upper Midwest to the Pacific. Image: Naval Research Lab.

Bored Meteorologists. Not much to point to on the weather maps thru the weekend. A stalled frontal boundary sparks showers and T-storms from the Southeast into the Virginias, an upper level storm (cold swirl aloft) whipping up showers for Detroit, Buffalo and Pittsburgh, more showers and T-storms over the southern Plains. From the Midwest to the west coast: precious little, if any rain thru Monday.


Week’s Worth of Records. Did you know that residents of Owatonna woke up to a record low of 12 F. last Sunday morning? 733 records in the last week, according to NOAA, with record heat shiting into the south and west. Map: Ham Weather.

Photo Of The Day: Rainbow And Waterspout. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this – courtesy of the Key West office of The National Weather Service via FB: “This photo was just sent to us from the Naval Air Station on Boca Chica Key. Thanks for this beautiful picture! Several waterspouts formed just south of Boca Chica after 5:47 p.m. this evening. These waterspouts formed near the rain shields of two separate thunderstorms over Hawk Channel.”

Oregon Sunset. Mike Swaja snapped this photo of a sun pillar illuminating a deck of altocumulus. Very nice.

Towering Trouble. The Miami National Weather Service posted this photo of a thunderhead (cumulonimbus) above Naples Thursday.

A Wild Sky. Details on an amazing pic from Greg Janik via Twitter: “Happy to be in #Provo today after our brush with this hail storm in #Denver last night.”

Kansas “Cu”. Here’s a terrific example of fair weather popcorn-cumulus clouds drifting over Kansas courtesy of @dmartinez4576

U.S. Navy Looking At Obtaining Fuel From Seawater. has the details: “Tell someone that you’ve invented a car that runs on water and they’re liable to report you for fraud. That hasn’t stopped scientists and engineers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NSL) who want to run warships on seawater – or at least, to turn seawater into jet fuel. This may sound like they’ve been standing too close to the ether again, but the idea is to extract carbon dioxide and hydrogen from seawater and then convert these into jet fuel by a gas-to-liquids process. If this proves practical, American naval vessels could refuel themselves at sea.”

California Gives The Go-Ahead For Driverless Cars On Public Roads. I still can’t quite wrap my brain around this one. True, commutes can be monotonous, but I enjoy driving (most of the time). Why would I want to automate this? Maybe our kids or grandkids won’t have an issue with this, but short-term you’ll have to pry my cold, dead fingers off the steering wheel. Here’s an except from “California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that will allow Google (and other companies) to test autonomous vehicles on state-owned roads. The bill – which is similar to those already enacted in Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, and Oklahoma – allows the state to oversee safety and performance standards. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are around 30,000 to 37,000 fatal car accidents every year. The technology being implemented in autonomous vehicles could reduce that number dramatically, particularly in the case of human error.” Photo above: Yahoo News.

The Real Carpet King. Thanks to Crystal Kuehn for snapping this remarkable pic of a station wagon completely covered in….carpeting? But why? Never mind…



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