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Rain in the North, Snow in the South

3 Dec 2009, 11:18 am

NationalHeavy rain, thunderstorms and high winds tormented the Northeast overnight and this morning.  The rain quickly came to an end as the storm got caught up in the fast moving jet stream aloft.  Lake Effect snow and rain showers will develop downwind of the Great Lakes this afternoon as a brisk northwest wind sweeps over the warmer lake waters.  This recent storm produced little in the way of snow which is somewhat atypical for a December storm.  But it produced one heck of a drop in air pressure.  My father, who also happens to be a Meteorologist, sent me an e-mail this morning which included a photo of his home microbaragraph reading.  From his location in northeastern Pennsylvania, the air pressure steadily dropped through the overnight hours and bottomed out at 994mb.  That’s quite impressive!

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Strong centers of low pressure typically form during late Fall and early Winter.  Cold, Canadian air begins to descend upon the northern half of the country, whereas warm air still remains over the south.  This creates a strong temperature contrast from north to south which, in turn, helps to strengthen developing storms.

While the Northeast received rain, the south will get more snow.  Go figure.  Yesterday, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area had a light dusting of snow and more is on the way at least for areas south of I-10.  Winter Storm Watches are in effect for southeastern Texas into central Louisiana where about 1-2″ could accumulate tomorrow.  Today, the heaviest show can be found in eastern New Mexico where 1-4″ could fall along the eastern plains and 4-6″ in the higher mountains.

Forecast 2

This same storm will move just off the eastern seaboard over the weekend.  Snow will fall over the Appalachian Mountains with a mix for the Piedmont Plateau region and rain for the coastal area.


Take care and stay warm out there.

Kristin Clark

WeatherNation Meteorologist

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