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The Rain Isn’t Stopping in Central Plains

26 Jun 2015, 12:07 pm

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 12.46.54 PMIf only we could take the rain that continues to drench the Central United States and bring it out to drought-stricken California. Many cities across the Ohio Valley are running a rain surplus for the year and for the month of June. With more rain showers in the forecast, we are expecting to accumulate a few more inches before the month is over. The ground is already extremely saturated from the ample amount of rain accumulated, so even small amounts of rain will lead to flooding. Flash Flood Watches span from Kansas City all the way to Baltimore. It’s associated with a low pressure center that is making its way east. A warm front will bring in warm moist air to the region and be the cause of the first punch of rain followed by a cold front that will swing in a cooler air-mass causing more rain and thunderstorm activity later today. Two to three inches of rain will be expected widespread, with the potential for up to five inches in some local spots. rain2Flooding rains will not be the only concern this afternoon. An enhanced risk for severe weather encompasses all of Kentucky and ares of surrounding states. We will expect the worst of the severe storms to fire up late Friday afternoon into the overnight.


Meteorologist Tracey Anthony Post Cover Image Courtesy: Dan Whittaker, Live Storms Media

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