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Rain, Snow, Wind – And Do I Need To Wear Galoshes This Halloween?

28 Oct 2013, 11:35 am

This is a first for me – writing about galoshes, not necessarily rain, snow, or wind…



I was curious about what galoshes actually look like – so that image above is a screen capture from a Google search…

I digress, however… Let’s get back to the rain that could necessitate galosh-wearing.

If you’re watching us from the mid-section of the nation, and you’re in the lowland areas, you’re likely looking at some significant rainfall on the horizon.

Check out this map showing rainfall over the next several days:


5-day Rainfall Forecast: NOAA HPC
5-day Rainfall Forecast: NOAA HPC


You’re reading right: That is a nearly 5″ rainfall bullseye near Kansas City, MO.

Galoshes needed?  Yup.

Let’s get more specific, though… and talk individual days.  How about Wednesday through Thursday night…

Here is what the European forecast model is showing for Wednesday evening:


Wednesday Evening Forecast
Wednesday Evening Forecast


You can see rainfall building over Minnesota and all the way down through eastern and central Texas.  There could actually be some severe weather to be concerned with, both Wednesday & Thursday, as well… so keep tuned in that regard.

Here is the severe weather outlook as it stands for Wednesday:


Severe Weather Threat For Wednesday
Severe Weather Threat For Wednesday


That risk area shifts east as we get our mountain storm system and region of low pressure centered over the Midwest.

The progression continues, then, for Thursday – Halloween.  That will bring quieter weather for some folks in the Midwest & central/southern Plains, while bringing inclement weather further east.

Check out the forecast for Thursday evening:


Thursday Evening Forecast
Thursday Evening Forecast


Look at the size of that storm system!  The center of low pressure looks to be over the northern Great Lakes – namely, Lake Superior.  The cold front?  All the way down to the Golf of Mexico!

Unfortunately this isn’t just a rain-maker, as there is a severe weather possibility for Thursday as well


Thursday Possible Severe Threat
Thursday Possible Severe Threat


As the cold front shifts east, the threat for thunder/lightning increases.

Those are the main issues we’re watching – outside of our early week severe threats & snow threats.  An EXTREMELY busy week, to say the least!

Stay tuned!

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV


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