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Rain/Snow Returns to the West!

30 Jan 2014, 1:04 pm

Take a look at some of these images from the western half of the country and it sure is nice to see moisture back in these areas!

(Photo courtesy: @seantcallahan from Seattle, WA)

(photo courtesy: Lena Frank William in Athol, ID)

(Photo courtesy: Mike Hidalgo from South Lake Tahoe)

(Photo courtesy: @ALS_SurfCity in Paradise, CA)

Precipitation Yesterday

Take a look at the precipitation yesterday, note the somewhat ‘bright’ colors in spots across the higher elevations. This is wonderful news! At least we’re getting moisture in spots that really need it!

A Change in the Upper Level Wind 

Thanks to a change in the upper level wind pattern, we’ve seen a pretty dramatic shift towards wetter weather. The upper level wind isn’t blowing straight into British Columbia anymore. It has taken a big shift south into the Southwest.

An Increase in Precipitation

According to NOAA’s HPC 7 day precipitation forecast, there appears to be more ample moisture potential over the next several days. Not only in the western part of the country, but also across the eastern half of the country! Keep in mind that precipitation across the higher elevations in the western half of the country will be in the form of snow. There will also be some additional snow chances for folks in the central part of the country and east toward the Northeast.

Drought Worsens in the West

Unfortunately, drought conditions in the west have been worsening prior to the recent moisture over the past couple of days. Here’s the latest from the U.S. Drought Monitor. Note the increase in the EXCEPTIONAL DROUGHT over west central California.

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