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Rapidly Rising Temperatures, Rare November Moderate Day 2 Severe Threat

16 Nov 2013, 11:55 am

Rapidly Rising Temperatures

It felt nothing like the middle of November across the Central Plains this morning. Stepping out the door this morning temperatures were as much as 27 degrees warmer compared to yesterday at this same time.

The warm air and moisture moving in will help fuel storms that maybe firing off this afternoon and this evening in the Midwest.

Even strong storms are possible tomorrow in the Ohio River Valley. A moderate risk as already been issued by the Storm Prediction Center, something that really occurs in the month of November this far in advance.

Snow Continues in the West

Meanwhile, the snow continues to pile up in the West.  A winter storm dropped out of the Canada yesterday and spread wintery weather from the Cascades down to the Colorado Rockies. Snow, wind, and rain will continue today.

There numbers will likely rise through the day today as this storm isn’t over yet.  Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories continue to remain in effect from Washington all the way down to New Mexico.

Saturday Forecast

A surge of warm, moist gulf air is driving temperatures into the upper 60s in the Central Plains today.  That warmer air even makes it way as far north as Chicago with a high of 58 today.  The southwest continues to remain cool after a very warm day on Thursday.  Now that cooler air is moving into Arizona with high of only 74 in Phoenix today.  That is about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday.  Wildfires continue to burn in North Carolina but additional moisture is aiding firefighters and the Table Rock Fire is now up 40% contained.

Check back for more details regarding the enhanced severe weather threat for tomorrow.

Meteorologist Gretchen Mishek

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