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Two Rare 116 Year Records Will Be Shattered in Minneapolis

3 Nov 2016, 4:21 pm

The record setting warmth continues around the country and Minnesota is no exception. With temperatures in the 60s for highs and lows in the 40s expected into late next week, two records will likely be falling in Minneapolis: latest frost / freeze, and longest growing season.

With no end to the warmth in site, the 116 year old record will likely be extended for a while. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the State Climatology office, the latest frost and freeze in Minneapolis was November 7th, 1900. The average day is October 10th. Since records started being recorded in Minneapolis in 1871, a November freeze has only happened 7 times, with the last being in 1958 on November 6th.

The last time this year that the Twin Cities saw the 32 degree mark was on April 12th, 205 days ago. The longest ever growing season is 207 days from 1894 and 1900. That will likely be surpassed this weekend and extended for several days.

Minneapolis isn’t the only Upper Midwest city to avoid the freezing mark so far this Autumn. Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago have all avoided 32 degrees.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Mace Michaels

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