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Rare Atlantic Disturbance May Become Winter Cyclone

12 Jan 2016, 10:30 am

atlantic disturbanceIn the dead of winter, the National Hurricane Center is usually resting up from a long hurricane season that ends November 30. However, this winter, the Atlantic National Hurricane Center is monitoring a low pressure system east of Bermuda. The NHC is giving the storm a 40% chance of cyclone formation through the next five days.

The system is expected to produce hazardous marine conditions in the central and eastern Atlantic over the next few days. Located 900 miles southwest of Azores, the storm has gale-force winds near 60 mph. If formation continues, the low could become Tropical Storm Alex, the first named storm of the 2016 Atlantic season.

The official hurricane season runs from June through November, but storms have been known to form outside of that time period. Since 1851, only two percent of tropical cyclones form outside of the hurricane season. There have been only three tropical cyclone formations in January reported by the Hurricane Research Division; two tropical storms and one hurricane.

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