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Rare British Blizzard, Quieter Weekend Ahead for the States

18 Jan 2013, 12:22 pm

Heavy Snow Across the UK

Photo From the UK Met Office

From the UK Met office, “As expected 5 to 10 cm of snow settled across much of the West Country and parts of the Midlands with up to 25 cm of snow reported at Sennybridge, Powys and 16 cm at Dunkeswell, Devon…Frank Saunders, Met Office Chief Forecaster, said: “Although some further slight snowfalls are likely, with 1 to 2 cm of fresh snow in a few places, the focus switches to ice, with temperatures staying below zero over snow cover for many areas. “The public should be aware of the risk of localised disruption to transport during this spell of wintry weather.”

(FYI: 30 cm is about 12 inches)

Warning given from the UK Met Office: “A band of snow, heavy in places, will spread northeastwards across Wales and the southwestern half of England, during Friday morning, lasting through the afternoon and evening across much of Wales, the Midlands, southern and parts of southeast England. Winds will strengthen, leading to drifting of lying snow. Many parts of the Red Warning area are likely to have 20-30 cm of snow with strong southeasterly winds causing blizzards, severe drifting of lying snow and thus severe disruption. The public should avoid all non-essential journeys. Elsewhere, accumulations of more than 5-10 cm of snow will occur quite widely, with 15 cm in some western parts of the Amber area, falling within 3-6 hours. The public should be prepared for disruption, including altering travel plans.”

Radar Imagery from this morning

In preparation for this event, schools, trains, and flights have been canceled.

From the BBC:

  • 10,000 households in parts of south Wales are being affected by power cuts
  • Around 179 flights have been cancelled at London’s Heathrow Airport and its northern runway was closed for 45 minutes for snow to be cleared. Birmingham Airport is closed until 14:45 GMT, while there are also delays and cancellations at London City and Leeds/Bradford airports


Quieter Weather Across the Pond

Skies have cleared out in the wake of the system that brought snow to the Mid Atlantic region yesterday.  Some of the impressive snow totals:

Snow falling this morning across the Great Lakes.  A couple rounds of snow will lead to accumulations to areas close to the Canadian Border through the weekend.

Another system drops out of Canada tomorrow and brings more snow to these same areas but will have a more widespread impact across the region.  Temperatures will be plummeting as a strong northerly wind develops behind this system.  That combination means blizzard conditions are possible in the Dakotas.

Although most of the region won’t see much snow, nearly all areas will be impacted by the temperatures change.  Sault Ste Marie will be dealing with both the temperature change and the snow.  Check out the high tomorrow compared to Sunday:

Forecast for Saturday shows the continuation of sunshine stretching from Atlantic Coast to the Pacific coast. One more mild day in the Midwest tomorrow until temperatures plunge on Sunday.

Happy Friday!

Gretchen Mishek

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