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Rare Confirmed Tornadoes Hit Oregon on Friday


Tornadoes in the State of Oregon are rare but they do happen and the one that hit the town of Manzanita on Friday could be one of the costliest on record for that state.

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This tornado touched down in Manzanita, a small coastal town west of Portland at around 8:20 am on Friday.  Preliminary information from the National Weather Service office out of Portland Oregon confirmed the tornado was an EF2 rated tornado with maximum winds 125 to 130 mph.  The tornado was on the ground for about three quarters of a mile with a maximum width of 225 yards.


Reports coming in include at least two businesses destroyed, over 120 homes damaged and about a third of the town’s trees were toppled.

A second confirmed tornado briefly touched down south of Manzanita on a beach in Oceanside Oregon at about 9:00 am Friday morning.

Since 1950 records show that the entire state of Oregon has seen 106 tornadoes with only three tornadoes rated F2 and one rated F3 on April 5, 1972 which killed 6.


More interesting facts on Oregon tornadoes are included here.


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