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Rare Event: 4 Tropical Systems in the Pacific – Hawaii in the Middle


For the first time since records began, we had 3 major hurricanes circulating in the Pacific Ocean all at once!

A strong El Nino is in place, meaning the equatorial waters of the Eastern Pacific are abnormally warm. So it is not a shock that the Pacific has had an overly active tropical season, this is a typical occurrence for an El Nino year.


With all the activity, Hawaii has had numerous close calls this year when it comes to tropical weather and we are finally almost in the clear from Tropical Storm Ignacio. A tropical storm warning still remains in place for the waters surrounding Hawaii as Ignacio continues to head NW at 12 mph. High surf advisories will remain in effect until 6pm Thursday evening along east facing shores. Swells could be anywhere from 10 to 15 feet high with occasional sets up to 18ft by this evening.



Lihue, HI had record breaking rain on Monday breaking the previous record by 3/4 of an inch. This made their August rain fall amount 7.73″ above the average 2.13″ inches they normally receive! Honolulu, HI also came in 7″ over the monthly average of accumulated rain.


Looking forward there are still two systems circulating east of the islands but at this time they don’t remain an immediate threat.

We will continue to track these systems and bring you the latest.

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