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Recent Rockies Snow Making For Great Ski Conditions?

13 Jan 2014, 11:37 am

Check out this photo below – see the joy of fresh snow?

Courtesy of Instagram user: AnnesAdventures


That’s out at Rocky Mountain National Park.  Lots of fresh snow out there.  In fact, snow depths in general around the Rockies and other big mountain hot-spots in the West (and the East) are rising.

Here’s the latest map of snow depths around the country:



Anything shaded reddish/pinkish is at LEAST 12-14″ of snow depth.  Not a bad deal, considering all of the major ski areas covered in some form of red.  Some of the more robust reds indicate 20-30+ inches of snowfall.

So the West is looking OK – how about the East/Northeast?



Snow depths aren’t as impressive, thanks to recent rain & warmth.  We’re talking the majority of higher tallies only having 8-10″ of snowfall.

We can dig deeper, however.  If you’re a skier you’ll probably appreciate this… so we’ll start with a few resorts out west:


Mount Baker:

As of a 5:07am snow report, 1″ last 6 hours, 4″ last 24 hours.  Base depth at the Pan Dome of 101″ (that’s 8.5 feet of snow!)

Mount Hood Meadows:

As of 8:50am this morning reporting 9″ of new snow past 24 hours.  Base depth 76″ mid-mountain.


Now let’s head to the Rockies…


Jackson Hole Mountain Resort:

10″ snowfall past 24 hours. 22″ past 3 days.  212″ on the season!  That is about 17 FEET of snow on the year!


9″ snowfall in the past 24 hours. 64″ base depth.


10″ snowfall in the past 24 hours.  Base depth of 72″ snow.


And the East…

Things (as mentioned earlier) have been fairly sparse out east, but looking them up is surprising.  They could use some snow!

Killington, VT:

Reporting 10″ base depth.

Whiteface Mountain:

Base depth of 28 inches.

Sugarbush Resort:

12-36″ base depths depending on elevation.


There you go!  Break out the skis!  I’m heading to Jackson Hole at the end of February – let me know where you’re headed on Twitter at @ashafferWNTV!

By the way – this was me on my most recent trip to Jackson Hole:



WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV

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  1. don’t buy into the global warming, its cyclical and has been. but what I want to know is why do most meteorologists if not all, never touch base or discuss chemtrails. it’s so obvious that they are spraying something in our atmosphere. it would be nice to have meteorologist mention it and what its doing to affect our air and weather

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