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A Record Day Across The East

13 May 2017, 8:50 pm

East coast cities were breaking records left and right Saturday. This, the final leg of the long-lasting storm system we’ve been tracking here at WeatherNation for days.

The same atmospheric energy that brought significant hail to Colorado then spawned tornadoes in Oklahoma and Texas, more flooding in Missouri, the caught-on-camera brief tornado in Baton Rouge, LA then brought record heat and rainfall to the east coast Saturday. Here are the reports:

Record rains hit Philly where the unofficial total for rainfall was 1.79″ last check on Saturday. This may change a tad before being finalized by the National Weather Service. Rainfall records are kept on a daily basis, like temperature records, where each calendar date a record rainfall stat is kept.
Record rainfall also hit New Jersey and New York. A couple other (not listed) cities broke daily rainfall records including Kennedy and Islip, New York.

Meanwhile to drought-stricken Florida parts of the state did get some beneficial rainfall. It did come with scary moments because a tornado warning was issued for the same communities that were under evacuation from the West Mims Fire. You can read that part of the story here. Parts of Florida did receive more than a half-foot of rain! Unofficial tallies coming in show Bayport, FL was hit with 8.72″ of rain in under a 6-hour period while Glen Lakes, FL registered 7.23″ in the same time frame.

Further south where rain was not (yet) an interruption, record heat was ongoing across the southeast coast of Florida. With a south to southwest wind direction, the east coast of the Sunshine State boosted into the 90’s to tie a couple of daily high temperature records.

Vero Beach, FL was nice and toasty Saturday…maybe a good beach day?
Unfortunately the Miami Heat are not in the NBA Playoffs, but it didn’t matter Saturday as Miami saw Record Heat.

Things will quiet down a tad for Mother’s Day Sunday. It will still be blustery, cool, and damp in parts of New England thanks to a coastal low. The cold front moving through Florida will drop temperatures about five degrees from where they topped out on Saturday.

Forecast map for Sunday, May 14 where clouds are shown in white/gray and light rain in green, heavy rain in yellow.

For WeatherNation, Meteorologist Steve Glazier

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