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Record Dry Weather Continues

Thursday, January 16th

A picture says a thousand words… Take a look at the Lexington Reservoir near Los Gatos, CA…. California is in the the midst of some of the driest weather on record. According to NOAA, 2013 was in fact THE DRIEST year on record!

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California Reservoir

According to the California Data Exchange Center, a number of the reservoirs across the state are running WELL below the historical average.

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Mormon Island Emerges

It is so dry in parts of California that a submerged island has once again emerged after being submerged for nearly 60 years!

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2013 Becomes Driest Year on Record for California

According to NOAA, California had its driest year on record…

California had its driest calendar year on record with 7.38 inches of precipitation, 15.13 inches below average. This was 2.42 inches below the previous record dry year of 1898. By the end of 2013, 27.6 percent of California was in Severe Drought.”

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2013 Driest on Record for Some Select Cities

The graph below shows the NEW RECORD LOW of only 5.59″ in San Francisco, CA for 2013.

Here’s a number of other records that fell:

City | New record | Old record | Average | Records began

 Los Angeles, CA | 3.60” | 4.08” set in (1953) | 14.93” | 1877

San Francisco, CA | 5.59” | 9.00”  set in (1917) | 23.65” | 1849

Shasta Dam, CA | 16.61” | 27.99” set in (1976) | 62.72” | 1943

Eugene, OR | 21.19” | 23.56” set in (1944) | 46.10” | 1890

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(photo courtesy: UCAR, Jan Null)

Dry California

According to the Western Region Climate Center, precipitation from the last month was only 5% or less than normal

Drought Outlook

Unfortunately, the drought looks to persist. Here’s the latest drought outlook from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.

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