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Record Heat and the Galena Fire

16 Mar 2013, 1:04 pm

Happy Saturday – the day before St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you have all your green ready! Today we’re talking record heat and wildfires in the blog.

Record Heat

Numerous record highs were broken across the western portion of the country Friday.

While the heat has moved westward, we saw areas in southern California still break records yesterday. Places like Las Vegas and Phoenix also saw records.

However, that heat did move westward, and Roswell, NM got up to 90° yesterday!

Places in the Texas panhandle also were able to reach record territory yesterday, and many more will on Saturday.

It wasn’t just areas in the south that were very warm on Friday. We saw 70s in parts of Wyoming, and if you were at Yellowstone you also saw a record warm day Friday. Colorado also set records, we’ll talk about them in correlation to our wildfire threat.

We can’t leave the central Plains out of our heat talk either. Places from Nebraska to Arkansas saw very warm temperatures for the day on Friday. It is quite amazing to see so many records broken on the day Friday when last March was the warmest on record for the United States, and we saw 70s and 80s in parts of the Upper Midwest for last St. Patrick’s Day.

We expect to see across Texas approach record highs again today as the warmth bubble continues to move eastward. Meanwhile, areas in the central Plains are going to want Friday to come back!

Highs across the central Plains will be a lot cooler today as the jet stream dips southward, bringing more seasonable air back into the region.

Wildfire Threat

Check out this view from Longmont, CO on Friday, thanks to my friend Katie Klarkowski. Yesterday it got up to around 80 in the area – today temperatures are being held in the upper 50s with the chance of showers.

Meanwhile, places from Akron to Alamosa in Colorado set record highs yesterday, including Denver and Colorado Springs. This help set up a wildfire threat yesterday.

Check out this photo from another friend of mine, Brody Fuchs, of the smoke in the Lory State Park area just west of Ft. Collins, CO, yesterday. Ft. Collins made it to 75° Friday. The dry conditions helped a wildfire spark in this area on Friday, called the Galena Fire.

Here’s a midday update on the Galena Fire. It is currently 5% contained, but firefighters hope to gain an upper hand on the fire today with cooler air and possible afternoon precipitation.

The Galena Fire is close to where the High Park Fire was last year which burned over 87,250 acres and destroyed at least 259 homes, both of which are the second highest totals in state history. We wish the best for residents in the area and for the firefighters working the scene, and hopefully the weather will cooperate for you!

Saturday and Sunday

Here are the expected highs across the country for the rest of your weekend.

Hope the luck of the Irish is with you this weekend!

Meteorologist D.J. Kayser
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