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Heat Returns to the Desert Southwest

More heat is ahead for the Desert Southwest as a ridge of high pressure builds back over the area. Record highs were set this weekend in the Plains and Front Range as the high was pushing back westward.


Heat Alerts are in place for parts of the Southwest to start this week. Temperatures will soar above average with many spots 5-10° warmer than normal with some record highs possible.

Temperature Forecast

In the areas under the Excessive Heat Warning, highs will climb above 110 today (Monday). Hot temperatures will continue for the rest of this week, although the heat will not be quite as intense.

Temperatures will be trending back towards average later this week, but still stay above normal.

Stay tuned to the record heat for the Southwest with WeatherNation during your Western Regional forecast :50 after the hour.

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2 responses to “Heat Returns to the Desert Southwest

  1. Again you focus on the heat and ignore the fact that we have been considerably below average for the last 2 months out here in the southwest with record rains. I live in Tucson. Stop with the global warming rhetoric and focus on what is really happening.

  2. I am waiting for you to comment on the fact that Tucson has now experienced 17 consecutive days below 100. With the average at 99, this means 17 days at or below average. And we have had the third highest rainfall for a ‘monsoon’ season with a month to go at almost 12 inches officially, with the largest one month total EVER for Tucson at over 8 inches in July. Wouldn’t you say that is more unusual than threatening a high temp record for a couple days? One more thing. Monsoon moisture usually results in large thunderstorms that drop lots of rain in a short time. Can you explain why we have had 8 days with light to moderate rain for hours IN THE MORNING that accounted for 1-3.4 inches here in Marana? Morning gentle soakers is NOT NORMAL, and the two big ones came southeast from Phoenix. As one that has an extensive background studying on my own, this would have my attention in a hurry. (Also 6 extraordinary COLD weather events in the last 2 years has me watching closely). Something is up………Thanks for reading.

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