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Record Heat Scorches Southwest

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Record hot temperatures are baking much of the desert Southwest, with several cities potentially seeing their highest readings in several years.

Phoenix, Arizona is expected to see temperatures approach 120° on both Sunday and Monday, a reading that hasn’t been seen in the city since 1995. Las Vegas, Nevada is expected to see temperatures well over 110° both days as well, nearing its all-time record high of 117°, last set in 2013. Meanwhile Even cities such as Los Angeles and Albuquerque, New Mexico are expected to either hit or eclipse 100°, well above average even for mid-June.

With such hot temperatures in the forecast, a reminder that wearing light-colored, loose clothing, taking frequent water breaks and checking on the elderly and pets are good ways to help beat the heat.

Wildfires continue to torch parts of New Mexico and Arizona, and the unusually hot and dry conditions aren’t helping fire fighting efforts.

The heat begins to gradually taper down by Tuesday and into Wednesday, with temperatures backing down to around 110° by Tuesday and Wednesday in the Phoenix area and closer to a more seasonable 100° in Las Vegas.

Stay with WeatherNation for the latest on the heat and be sure to keep cool.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi – Photo: Dog Head Fire Information

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