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Record Heat in Texas – but Fall Is on Its Way

9 Oct 2017, 2:59 pm

Wait, what season is it?

Temperatures soared into the mid 90s in Texas on Monday, breaking records in both Dallas and Houston. But the searing, summer-like heat won’t last long.

First of all, check out these records broken across the Lone Star State. Impressive for October 9th, right?

Before Monday, Dallas was already 7.9° above average so far in the month of October, and Houston was 4.9° above normal – so Monday was more or less a continuation of what’s already been a hot start to the month.

But as advertised, changes are coming, and they’re drastic. A sharp cold front arrives Tuesday morning, first for Dallas, bringing the Metroplex a true taste of fall, with highs tumbling 20-25° by Tuesday. Houston will see highs drop as well.



But the fall-like weather won’t last, with highs back well above average by the weekend. Summer’s grip is here to stay it appears, with only a brief break mid-week.

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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