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A Record High Thanksgiving For The West

When we think of Thanksgiving, images of chilly late autumn days often come to mind.  Spending time indoors, warm and cozy with loved ones, fireplace aglow, while sipping cups of hot chocolate, is typically the desired environment.  But this year, if you’re celebrating the holiday in the western U.S., you can probably hold off lighting the fire.  And a bit of sun tan lotion may be in order.  Check out the potential highs for just about every major city in the West.  Los Angeles has an average high of 68 degrees.  Today, LA  is shooting for a  high of 94!  On Thanksgiving, the heat wave continues with a high near 90 degrees.  That’s pretty remarkable heat!

But why is it so hot this late in the year?  Well, a very strong ridge of high pressure is setting up over the four corners region.  The clockwise circulation around this high, will bring very warm air up from the south.  Temperatures in northwest cities, such as Seattle and Portland, will also be unseasonably warm, in the lower 60’s.


Tomorrow, the ridge of high pressure will slide a little bit to the east, and warm air will arrive in towns like Kansas City, Omaha, Sioux Falls, and Bismark.   Omaha will be very pleasant, with a high near 55.  The average high for Omaha is 45 degrees this time of year.  Highs in Bismark will reach 60.  Now that’s something to be thankful for Bismark!

Long range, the ridge will break down, and temperatures will begin to cool down.  Such is the cyclical nature of weather patterns.  Here’s the 7-Day forecast for Los Angeles.  By Friday, they’re out of the 90’s, and back in the 80’s.  70’s arrive on Sunday.  So LA will need the AC for a few days before some heat relief arrives.

While we’re on the subject of Thanksgiving, let’s quickly check the national forecast.  It looks cool and dry in the northeast.  Mild in the southeast with some rain in Florida.  Hot and dry in the southwest.  And more clouds and showers are on the way for the northwest.

Whatever the weather may be where you are, have a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving with friends and family, and enjoy the holiday.

For WeatherNation:  Meteorologist Matt Monroe



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