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Record Highs Possible for California Monday

23 Oct 2017, 11:33 am

Strong heat will continue to build over the Southwest Monday afternoon and when all is said and done there could be some new record highs.


Santa Ana winds will be the main factor in very warm temperature forecast in southern California.  Santa Ana winds develop from cool and dry areas high pressure building over the Great Basin.  These winds are forced down the mountains and as those winds descend they warm very quickly.  Not only does the air warm quickly, but also the humidity drops quickly bringing warm, dry and windy conditions…meaning high fire threat.

Record Highs Possible

This particular set-up will bring very warm temperatures across the region and some areas of southern California could feel record breaking high temperatures Monday afternoon.  Here is a look at some of the records in jeopardy for California.

Heat Safety

Even though it’s near the end of October, it’s still a good idea to remember how to protect yourself in these hot conditions.  Here are some weather safety tips for dealing with the extreme heat.


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford



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