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Record July Rainfall for Some; Driest July for Others

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Wet enough for ya? Rain doesn’t seem to want to quit in parts of the Southeast where precipitation amounts are running well above average for the month and for the year. Scenes like the one below from @joeldeb out of St. Cloud, FL are probably becoming a little too familiar to some…

30 Day Estimated Rainfall

WOW!! Very impressive 30 day radar estimated rainfall across the nation. Note the deep red, pink and white colors, which indicate nearly 10″ to 20″+ of rainfall! No surprise that several folks along and east of the Mississippi Valley have been dealing with flood concerns over the past month.

Record July Rains!

Not surprising either that several cities set their July record rainfall with stats like those below.

Gainesville, FL

Roanoke, VA

Philadelphia, PA

Yearly Precipitation From Normal

This is a classic case of weather whiplash. Last year we were hot and dry across much of the nation and this year, we are cool and wet in the east.

Monsoonal Moisture

We’ve also had an increase in monsoonal moisture over the past several weeks, which has prompted several flash flooding events during that time. Take a look at the record rainfall from Flagstaff, AZ!

Record Dry July

Unfortunately, not everyone has been getting in on the rain. Seattle only had a TRACE of precipitation in July, which hasn’t happened since 1960.

Continued Cool and Soggy in the East

Looking ahead, I don’t see much change in the forecast through the first half of August. There will still be some low pressure fixture near the Hudson Bay, while a ridge of high pressure drags it’s heels across the Southwest. This means more cool/soggy weather in the eastern part of the nation, while most of the west stay warm and dry.


Precipitation Forecast Next 7 Days

According to NOAA’s HPC 7 day rainfall forecast, there is still a very good correlation to what we’ve been experience for quite some time and to what is expected to continue over the next week or so.

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