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Record Low Start to Tornado Season – Will It Last?


For the first time since 1969 and only the second time in recorded history (65 years), zero tornadoes touched down on the United States in the first 15 days of March, an unusual streak of fortune that could last for at least another few days.

Noted for several notable tornado outbreaks, the opening weeks of March were quelled severe weather-wise mostly due to unusually cold air across the eastern half of the country and a big ridge of high pressure out west.

And while the next few days show little signs of breaking the unusually inactive pattern, the peak of tornado season is just around the corner.

On Sunday, we wrote about noted meteorologist Joe Bastardi’s prediction of a possible “furious 45” days of potentially unusually active tornado development between mid-April and May, the typical peak of tornado season in the United States.

Despite the slow start, tornado season can creep up in a hurry, and it’s important to review your severe weather preparedness plan now while conditions still appear to be mostly calm. And as always, stay tuned to and WeatherNation TV for all of your severe weather needs.

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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