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Record-Set​ting Rains Blasting Southern Florida This Afternoon

4 Aug 2014, 4:13 pm

Florida is used to getting soaked with big rains. But what happened in Naples, Fla. today was pretty unusual, even for the storm-hardened Sunshine State.

Naples saw, at last check, 6.45” of rain today. An immense amount of rain in a 24-hour span, no doubt. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Naples saw over five inches of rain in less than an hour and a half early this afternoon, blasted by a torrential downpour that brought the city in southwestern Florida a record single-day August rainfall in about 90 minutes. Naples averages over nine inches of rain in August, but they got over two-thirds of that in a couple hours today- leading to significant flooding.


The National Weather Service in Miami took the unusual step of saying that “most” of the roads in Naples were flooded in their flash flood warning issued for the area this afternoon. Reports – and check out these pictures – point to quite the soaking scene in the area.

8-4_RSE_1333_NAPLES, FL_FLOODING_TW_@NaplesProblems


Low pressure centered in northeastern Florida has been pumping in plenty of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico – and straight into Collier County, FL, which includes Naples. Situated on the southwestern corner of Florida, Naples in particular, especially during the summer, is susceptible to receiving huge downpours, although today’s was more than a bit unusual.

The forecast keeps rain in the forecast for southern Florida in particular as a frontal boundary to the north keeps drawing in more rain and moisture from the south. Hopefully we won’t be seeing anymore record-setting types of rain around these parts for the next few days, but another few inches of rain is certainly possible, if not probable. Things here should lean a bit drier by the end of the week.

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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