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Record-Shattering Snow Ends in Buffalo, Flooding Now A Concern

21 Nov 2014, 11:57 am


To call the snow in the Buffalo Southtowns deep may, perhaps, be the understatement of the year. Recently released storm totals, from the National Weather Service in Buffalo, are staggering.

The largest total was in Cowlesville, N.Y., which is located about 20 miles east-southeast of Buffalo. That town recorded a grand total of 88 inches — or 7 feet, 4 inches — of snow, since the lake-effect snow started earlier this week.

Numerous other locations, listed below, reported snow totals north of four feet of accumulation.


Mostly sunny skies in the region are giving residents, and authorities alike, a chance to fully assess the impact of this massive snow event. Roads that had been closed for days are finally being reopened as plows and snow throwers clear paths through eye-level snow.

A major thoroughfare through the area — the New York State Thruway — is slated to reopen by 3 p.m., local time. But that doesn’t mean people should go out on the roads en mass.

“The lifting of driving bans is to move vehicles blocking roads — not to signify all is fine. If at all possible, please stay in your homes.,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a tweet.

While the threat for snow has wound down, rain and warmer temperatures are in the forecast. Normally, this would be a good thing for helping to melt the snow and get life back to a status quo. But the inordinate amount of snow that has to melt is sending the chance of flooding way up.

Which is why the NWS in Buffalo has issued flood watches of much of the Buffalo Metro Area. They are urging people to prepare now, for the possibility of flooding.

This is a developing story and WeatherNation meteorologists will be keeping an eye on the situation in the coming days. Check back frequently for updates.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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