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Record Snow Ends

13 Mar 2014, 12:20 pm

Enough Already!

This certainly has been a long and drawn out winter hasn’t it… Our latest round of snowy weather helped to bump several cities up in their snowiest winters on record list. Thanks to Tim Stauffer for the picture below out of Twinsburg, OH. Interestingly, Cleveland, OH had a high temperature of 63F on Tuesday and the next day they had 3.9″ of snow!

Front Page News

The headline from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle had this to say about the recent snowy weather… I would assume that the statement is agreed upon by a majority of people that have been dealing with the cold and snow this season.

Snowfall Since PM Tuesday

Here’s the snowfall map from our recent storm that really cranked up over the Northern New England States PM Wednesday into AM Thursday. The brighter colors over parts of NY, VT, NH and ME suggest nearly 1ft. to 2ft. totals!

Storm Total Top Tallies

Here are some of the top tallies from the event.

Check here for a more complete list of snow tallies:


Record Daily Snowfalls

Here are a few of the daily record snowfall tallies from Wednesday. Note that the 14.9″ report from Rochester, NY was NOT a daily record Wednesday, March 12th. However, I thought the 14.9″ was worthy of an honorable mention since the tally was so high! Interestingly, the record daily snow for Rochester, NY on March 12th was set in 1959 at 17.4″ !!

Toledo, OH Record Snow

Toledo, OH did not see a record snow on Wednesday, but the 7″ helped to pad the snowiest winter on record stat as they now sit at 84.8″ on the season. The previous record was 73.1″ set in 1977-78.


Detroit, MI 2nd Snowiest Winter

Detroit saw a daily record snowfall of 6.6″ on Wednesday and that helped to bump them into the 2nd snowiest winter on record spots. Interestingly, they only need 3.0″ of snow to take over the snowiest winter on record spot… Let’s see if we can beat the 1880-81 record of 93.6″ !!

Chicago, IL 3rd Snowiest Winter on Record

The O’Hare Airport in Chicago, IL saw 3.2″ of snow on Wednesday, which was good enough to bump them into the 3rd snowiest season on record spot with 79.1″. It’ll be interesting to see if we get any additional measurable snow in Chicago this winter season. In all reality, we don’t need a whole lot to bump up into the 2nd or even 1st spot… We’ll see what happens.

Cold Meteorological Winter

Would it surprise you to see that several states in the Midwest just had one of their top ten coldest meteorological winter on record? Thanks to a nearly persistent weather pattern over the winter months, temperatures in the Midwest were much colder than average, while folks in the Southwest had some of their warmest winters on record! California actually had their warmest winter on record!

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