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Records Shattered Across South, Midwest as Warmth Continues

17 Jan 2017, 5:48 pm

The calendar may say January, but it sure doesn’t feel that way for many.

Many across the South and East basked in record warm temperatures on Tuesday, with April-like temperatures dotting the South, Midwest and Southeast, and those unseasonably warm temperatures are here to stay for several days.

Places like Atlanta, Georgia (75°); New Orleans, Louisiana (79°); Cincinnati, Ohio (63°) and Wheeling, West Virginia (62°) broke records on Tuesday, and that warmth will linger for the rest of the week. A strong southerly flow, coupled with above-average warmth in the Gulf of Mexico is helping create the unseasonably mild temperatures throughout the U.S.

That same warmth, however, could trigger strong-to-severe storms later this week and into this weekend, with a potential outbreak possible on Saturday and Sunday across the South and Southeast.

Stay with WeatherNation on the warm temperatures across the South and Southeast in the coming days, as well as the possible severe weather this week and weekend.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

One response to “Records Shattered Across South, Midwest as Warmth Continues

  1. Lot’s of wild temperature swings for sure. For myself in the midwest I am used to no snow pack in January, not that unusual but to have mild temps and more rain than snow and coming from a cold and snowy December is strange. Was figuring on a cold and frigid January and just the opposite is happening. Now I wonder where February and March will fall?

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