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Remembering Katrina 8 Years Later

Thursday August 29, 2013

It was 8 years ago today that Hurricane Katrina made landfall along the Gulf Coast as a strong category 3 storm. The satellite image below was taken on the on August 29, 2005. Note the extremely well defined eye… that’s something you don’t see everyday! WOW!!

Inside the Eye

The image below was taken by NOAA’s Hurricane Hunters inside Katrina’s eye the day prior to landfall, which shows the extensive clear air within the center of the storm where sinking air can be found. This is typically where winds are light, but where you see the towering wall of clouds, that’s where intense winds occur. For Hurricane Hunters, it would be an extremely bumpy ride through the hurricane until you emerge into what looks like a huge white bowl of clouds.

Katrina’s Explosive Development

It was amazing to watch Katrina explode into a category 5 storm with winds up to 175mph in the Gulf of Mexico. Part of the reason for it’s rapid development was because of the warm Gulf water temps. It took the ‘doomsday’ path and hooked right into New Orleans with a storm surge that was too much for levees to handle.

Katrina Makes Landfall

Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the morning of the 29th as a very strong Category 3 hurricane (borderline category 4). An unofficial wind gust of 135mph was reported in Poplarville, MS.

Catastrophic Damage

Extreme winds, rain and storm surge created the perfect doomsday scenario along the Gulf Coast. Part of the reason for the significant death toll was because of failed or breached levees and the extensive flooding. It was reported that nearly 80% of New Orleans was flooded!

Historic Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina is considered to be 3rd deadliest hurricane on record with nearly 1,800 deaths along it’s path. It is also considered to be the costliest hurricane in U.S. history with nearly $108 billion in damage.

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