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Rounds of Rain for Florida

17 Oct 2017, 8:33 am

A strong cold front pushed through to start the week and dropped the temperatures for majority of the country. While, much of the U.S. is under high pressure and contending with sunny skies, that cold front is still making its way through Florida. Tuesday, the front will stall out and turn stationary. This means that the Florida peninsula will continue to see rain chances through the end of this week.

A low pressure develops along the front which adds to the threat for Florida showers and storms.

As the winds continue to blow from the east and northeast, coastal flooding could be a concern for locations along the eastern Florida coast. With the stronger winds, waters will be rough as well. Beach days won’t be the best idea along the east coast with dangerous rip currents and choppy waters.

Another issues with the winds coming from the east is that it has ample amount of moisture to work with. The heaviest of the rain will fall along eastern Florida with some locations picking up upwards of 4 inches by the end of the week.

With all of this rain, flooding may become a concern. The National Weather Service has already issued Flood Warnings for sections of Florida that remain in effect until Sunday.

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