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San Francisco Eclipses Full Year Worth of Rain – in 5 Months

It’s no secret that this wet season for the West has been historic, helping wash away an historic drought but also causing extensive flood-related issues as well.

For San Francisco, California now, though, it’s already inundated the city with a full year’s worth of rainfall…in less than five months. As of 4pm PST on Monday afternoon, San Francisco had seen 24.65″ of rainfall since October 1st, already exceeding the typical 23.65″ of rain the city gets in a whole calendar year.

Annual precipitation measurements in the West are typically done from October 1 – September 30 to correspond with the typical wet season in winter.

It’s a stunning reversal for a city and a region plagued by a multi-year historic drought, but now the fortunes have flipped and locals are hoping for the rain to end, and they will soon get their wish. The rain diminishes on Tuesday before at least two dry days on Wednesday and Thursday. Showers re-enter the forecast late Friday into Saturday, with potentially a more significant system set to deliver more unnecessary rainfall late this weekend and into early next week, although after a few days of much-needed drier weather.

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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